Hi! I'm Arturo.

I do language and technology. I especially like it when we leverage NLP to further positive, pro-social use cases.

For grad school I've focused on reframing in natural contexts, creating a new text-style transfer dataset and fine-tuning LLMs, motivated by potential mental health applications.

I've also done some other ML and NLP projects! If you're new to Machine Learning, take a look at these notebooks where I walk through implementing foundational ML algorithms from scratch.

You can also take a look at my convolutional neural net for optical character recognition, my Doc2Vec + XGBoost attempt at paraphrase detection of millions of questions, and my approach to taking knowledge from known fields to automatically extract keywords from text in a new field. You can also peek at my publications on reframing in the wild and on on text classification in a medical setting.

I also cook, travel and take pictures, among many other things.